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Gracie Diet Recipe Of The Month

February 2006 - Watermelon Smoothie, by Angela Gracie

  • Watermelon
  • 4 Bananas
  • Cream Cheese (75g)

You have two options in how to make the watermelon juice and probably the simplest way would be using a juicer.

I personally like the traditional way that my family used to do it and some still do, which is by using the blender and pass the blended watermelon through a cotton bag.

After you juice the watermelon put the juice in the blender and blend in the bananas and cream cheese, and then your smoothie will be ready to drink.

I normally eat crackers and cheese with the smoothie, they make the perfect combination.


  • If Watermelon is not cold, place some ice cubes in your finished smoothie.
  • Do not save the smoothie for later - try to drink it fresh so you avoid fermentation.

Gracie Diet Recipe

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