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Carlos Gracie

In the early part of this century, Carlos Gracie, was the first member of the legendary Gracie family to study the traditional Japanese jiu-jitsu. He studied as a teenager under the Japanese instructor, Mitsuyo Maeda, known in Brazil as Conde Koma- the "Count of Combat".

Carlos Gracie was also interested in boxing and even won an amateur boxing tournament. He was fearless and believed in jiu-jitsu, so he would fight anyone, regardless of size, weight or style.

At one point, he even began advertising in newspapers and on street corners for new opponents upon whom to practice and further refine his art.

Carlos Gracie taught his style of Jiu-Jitsu to his four younger brothers Oswaldo, Gastão, George, and Helio. When his brothers started to fight, Carlos retired from the ring and managed their fighting careers.

He also started to dedicate himself to the study of nutrition and its effects on the human body. His profound interest and dedication to that subject left no doubt that he had found his calling. His life time achievement became the creation of the Gracie Diet, a concept of food combining that would have a tremendously positive impact on the health of all those who follow its guidelines.

Carlos Gracie was a wise man and the spiritual leader of the Gracie Family. His studies of spirituality, philosophy and his overall knowledge of life's intricacies made him an unforgettable character for those who had the privilege of knowing him.

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